Qualification & Occupancy Guidelines

AVAILABILITY: Applications for apartment homes will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and are
subject to the availability of the apartment type requested. Rental rates are subject to change
daily and without notice.
RENTAL APPLICATION: A Rental Application must be complete and maintained for each legal adult (person over the age
of 18) who will be living in the apartment and/or contributing to the payment of rent. Any false
information will constitute grounds for rejection of the application and the lease may be
EVALUATION/INCOME: As a means of evaluating a prospective resident, the information provided on the rental
application is evaluated with a scoring method that weighs the indicators of future rent
payment performance. The score is based on statistical analysis of payment indicators and
performance, as well as, income. We require a monthly household income to be 2.5 times the
amount of monthly market rent, prior to taxes. Based on the provided evaluation score, we will
accept, accept with conditions, or reject an application. Upon receipt of required documentation
and required funds, the application(s) will be processed within 24 hours and a decision
rendered. Should the applicant be denied or withdraw their application within 72 hours of
approval, the amenity fee ONLY is refundable. Application fees are non-refundable.
CREDIT/CRIMINAL: Management will request a credit report through our Credit Reporting Agency. We will require a
copy of a government issued picture ID to verify applicant identification. Any applicants or
occupants who have been determined to have a criminal conviction or current indictment for
(including but not limited to) possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of controlled
substances or for any crimes involving firearms or crimes against persons or property will be
denied residency and occupancy. Management reserves the right to deny residency and
occupancy for any criminal activity at their discretion. Guarantors cannot be a substitute for this
GUARANTOR: In the event a guarantor is utilized, that person must complete a Rental Application and adhere
to the same qualifying standards. A guarantor will be fully responsible for the Lease Agreement
if the Leaseholder(s) is in default.
OCCUPANCY: The Federal occupancy standard is set at two (2) persons per bedroom plus one (1) additional
occupant in each apartment home.